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  • One Server up to 6U
  • 60 €

  • Half Rack Cabinet
  • 180 €

  • Full Rack Cabinet
  • 350 €

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Price: / month + Electricity + VAT
Only pay for electricity you actually use!

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  • EU companies with a valid VAT registry ID will be billed at a 0% VAT rate according to the EU reverse-charge procedure, as described in the VAT directive.
  • EU companies without a VAT ID will be billed with VAT applicable to their home country.
  • EU private individuals will be billed with VAT applicable to their home country.
  • All non-EU residents will be billed at a 0% VAT rate.

In our data center, you’re only billed for the electricity you actually use. We meter your usage and charge you at market rates, multiplied by a 1.5x coefficient. This additional charge covers various operational costs, such as climate control, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and backup generators. We have little to none marginal there. To see approximate market price look at Nordpool homepage. (Note that electricity seller marginal and cost of transportation will be also added there as our cost).

Our 24/7 Remote Smart Hands service is a specialized support feature offered to all our clients. “Smart” means we do more than just press buttons or connect cables; our experts are proficient in most networking devices, and well-versed with both Linux and Windows. This service eliminates the need for you to ever be physically present at the data center or possess intricate technical knowledge. It is like having a your own dedicated IT-department ready to help you with your servers!

1U or 1RU stands for “1 Rack Unit.” Think of it as a single slot or shelf space in a big bookshelf. In the world of server hosting, we use these ‘slots’ to stack equipment in a neat and organized way. If we liken our racks to a bookshelf, then 1RU is like a section that measures ~44.5mm in height.

Our cabinets (47U Rittal model 5513110) are 2200mm tall, 600mm wide, and are set to a depth of 800mm, so when you get a 1RU space with us, your equipment will fit into that 44.45mm tall slot within those dimensions. If you get full rack cabinet, you will get all usable space (42U) for your use.

If this is still a bit confusing, don’t worry – you can just send us the brand/model of your equipment and we’ll be happy to assist!

Setup process is quite simple: send us your hardware and we’ll take care of the setup for you. If you don’t have the servers you need, or require additional equipment, we can procure it on your behalf. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, full-service solutions without hidden fees. Here are our shipping details:

Company: Server Farm OÜ
Address: Hansu Street 6, Metsakasti, 74019 Harju County, Estonia
Phone:  +372 512 8232

You’re welcome to schedule an appointment at our facility, but there’s no need; our Remote Hands service has you covered. Our skilled team consists of network and system administrators as well as technical specialists, so we’re capable of doing much more than just pressing the ‘restart’ button.

  • Server Hosting / Server Housing / Colocation / Bare Metal Hosting / Rack Space Rental / Server Cabinet Rent / Data Center Rental / Server Hotel: All these terms are essentially the same: renting space in a data center to house your servers or IT equipment. Customers rent “rack units”, entire cabinets or parts of entire data center and can use the data center’s power, cooling, and networking. We offer this service as Smart Colocation, which also includes Remote Smart Hands service.
  • Dedicated Hosting / Dedicated Server / Dedicated Private Server / Bare Metal Rental: Providing clients with a dedicated private server that’s exclusively for their use. It means you get the entire physical server (hardware) to yourself with full root/admin access. So, if you not have a server yourself, we can rent one for you.
  • Server Storage / NAS: A service that offers specialized storage space for server data which is typically quite large (typically 40TB or more).
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): An online service that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. Clients can rent virtual machines, storage, and networking components.
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) / Cloud Server: A hosting solution that divides a physical server into multiple virtual ones. Each virtual server operates independently, making it more secure and customizable than shared hosting, but still inferior to Dedicated Private Server, which is most private and secure because you do not share your resources with anybody.
  • Managed Hosting: A hosting service where the provider manages and maintains the Virtual or Dedicated server, including software updates, security patches, and backups. It’s a hands-off approach for the client.
  • Shared Hosting: A web hosting solution where multiple clients and websites reside on a single web server. It’s a more economical option suitable for smaller websites, but is not best for optimal security and privacy.
  • Data Center Services: Comprehensive solutions that involve hosting, managing, and maintaining IT infrastructure in a specialized facility. This can include server storage, security measures, and backup services.

Although we focus mainly on Smart Colocation, we can offer all of the services listed above. Just contact us at and let us know what you need.

  • 2 x 1Gbit ports (SFP or RJ45)
  • Option for 10Gbps or 40Gbps (Mention it when you place an order!)
  • Two power outlets for redundancy
  • For single servers, separate network port for management access.
  • 10TB of data traffic every month per service.
  • Our server cabinets are Rittal 47U 5513110 models, measuring 600x2200x1000mm and configured to a depth of 800mm.
  • All plans come with 10 hours of free Smart Hands service per year (or 5 hours for single server hosting). Additional hours are charged at 50 EUR plus VAT.

Company: Server Farm LLC
Address: Hansu tee 6, Metsakasti, Viimsi vald, Harju maakond, Estonia, 74019
Registry code: 12423131
VAT: EE101613493
IBAN: EE202200221056873701

Info and Sales: contact: / +372 55531594
Customer Service contact: / +372 6212510

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