Power of Bare Metal


✔ Just ship us your servers; we handle the rest.
✔ Remote Smart Hands service included.
✔ Support from experts. No tiers, no queues.

Looking for a home for your servers? You’re in the right place! Unlike large providers, our small, agile team offers a fresh approach to server hosting, colocation, and rack space rental. We do things differently, delivering you ease-of-use with great value. With 10 years in the industry, we’ve proven our reliability.

Any Questions?

Check our FAQ for any questions you might have or send us an e-mail at hello@smart42u.com for any inquiry.

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Call me at +372 555 31 594

Thank you for considering our services!

Siim Vahtre / CTO

Smart Colocation

Our colocation is smart, thanks to our Remote Smart Hands service included in all plans. “Smart” means we go beyond mere button-pushing or cable-plugging. We are essentially your IT department. No need to visit the server room, ever!